kwoffee – wake up and smell the kwoffee.

Not to be confused with iced coffee, cold brew coffee is increasingly popular among coffee drinkers in the UK. Recently, we were proud to work with “kwoffee”, a new premium cold brew Arabica coffee brand based in Ampthill, Bedfordshire.

kwoffee can designs

Firstly, from an initial brief, First Prospect provided the kwoffee can design concepts. Working with the customer, we developed the design through several phases to final artwork. To complement the artwork, our designer built 3D models of the cans, textured and rendered for social media marketing and website purposes.


Secondly, with artwork approved and dispatched to the canning factory, we got to work on the website. Being a start-up company with limited budget, we explored the most cost effective solutions for getting the product online. The client settled on using Shopify, a popular and powerful e-commerce platform with built-in tools for driving and analysing online sales. In addition, the client maintains the site adding new content and products as they become available.

About kwoffee cold brew coffee

Enjoy on the move, before a workout or just add ice and relax. kwoffee works well with or without milk and even a drop of the strong stuff.

kwoffee is available in packs of 6 in two varieties – original and nitro. Nitro boasts a unique sweet, creamy, rich feel which enhances it’s flavour, without the added calories of cream and sugar. Unsure which to get? Why not try their mixed pack because the best of both worlds. Click here to order yours today.

Moreover, kwoffee is ethically sourced, carefully blended and hand roasted by Wooden Hill Coffee Company, based in Ampthill, Bedfordshire. Visit their website here.

It tastes great so wake up, smell the coffee and order your kwoffee today.

Get your product out there

In conclusion, First Prospect can support you with your product design and online marketplace launch. Get in touch to find out more.

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